Iffa Bhuiyan

Website Designer 

Community Environmental Sociology and Environmental Science

Student Research Team


Anupama Bhattacharya

Data Scientist Intern

Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science 


Farhat Bhuiyan

Data Collection Intern

International Business

Maddie Colbert
Data Collection Intern

Sociology and Social Work Major
Criminal Justice Certificate

Erica Schultz
Data Collection Intern

Psychology and Gender Women's Studies Majors

Recent Interns


Ismat Bhuiyan

Ismat began working with Center for Women's Health Research during her undergraduate freshman year. She aided her mentor with multiple NIH funded projects. She started organizing and analyzing data. Ismat presented her data at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. For three years, she worked with the Center for Women's Health Research. Her experience has allowed her to better understand qualitative and statistical research.

Ismat graduated in May 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, a certificate in Environmental Studies and Global Health. She is currently at Indiana University working towards her Masters in Public Health.



Boh Suh  

Boh began working with the Center for Women's Health Research during his undergraduate senior year. He helped collect and analyze peer reviewers' critiques on R01 grant proposals for the National Institute of Health. Also, he aided his mentor in determining the existence of bias based on gender and/or race for selection of the peer reviewed R01 grants. His experience has enhanced his knowledge in qualitative and statistical research.

Boh is projected to graduate in May of 2016 with a Master's Degree in Public Health. Also, he hopes to achieve certificates in Prevention Science and in Clinical and Community Outcome Research. His career goal is to obtain a Doctorate of Dental Medicine where he can provide dental care to underserved populations.


Anastasiya Apalkova

Working for the Center for Women’s Health Research was a great experience for Anastasiya! She got to learn about how data collection for research actually happens while working with a great team of people and it helped her realize that she want to continue doing research in the future. The mentoring that she received from Anna Kaatz helped her figure out what she need to do to further her academic career as well as plans for after graduation.


Carina Lasee

Carina is thankful to have had the opportunity to work with other women who are passionate about empowering women in their jobs and lives! She appreciates the intentionality in supporting her with her work experience and meeting with her to discuss her own personal goals and career visions. The project was intriguing and she enjoyed the flexibility and kind encouragement that went alongside working for Center for Women's Health. 

 Lauren Devries

​Lauren worked at the Center for Women's Health Research for a semester during her senior year at UW Madison-Wisconsin. She had originally sought out a research assistant position because of her Gender and Women's Studies background and interest in healthcare. After learning more about the project she was working on and being surrounded by such intelligent and passionate people,she has started looking into pursuing advanced degrees and doing research with women's health issues. She is grateful for the number of mentors and role models she was provided with at UWCWHR. She felt there was a mutual appreciation for the work that was done between herself, the other students, and the researchers, which made the work space and the work itself enjoyable and something to be proud of.


Stephanie Bissell

Stephanie's experience was amazing. She found all the women so dedicated to their work and it was inspiring. She is blessed to have met and worked with them. She gained valuable research skills that will help her in her future. 


Lara Rotar

Lara began her undergraduate research career at the Center for Women’s Health Research, helping to test for differences in NIH RO1 grant issuance based on gender and race. During her time there she contributed by finding background information on numerous professionals who had received a RO1 grant, which is now being used to examine the differences in grant reviews based on gender and race. While at the Center for Women’s Health, not only did she gain valuable research experience, but she also was guided by a mentor. To this day, she continues to stay in touch with the researchers she worked under and receive guidance and advice from them. The Center for Women’s Health Research provides ground-breaking advances in women’s health and Lara is grateful to have been able to contribute there.


Taylor Congdon

Working under Anna Kaatz and her associates as a research assistant, Taylor was able to enhance her skills in data collection, time management, and extreme detail orientation. Furthermore, there was no better study she could imagine playing a role in than this one because of the empowerment she felt in being a part of an organization whose main goal is to advance women's health and leadership. Each team member demonstrated a passion for the work they were doing which served as sole motivation for powering through some of the more difficult challenges that came with perfecting data. Overall,her time with UW Center for Women's Health Research equipped her with skills that are going to be infinitely valuable going forward in her professional career. 

Former Interns

Jamie Fredrickson: Data Collection Intern, Major: Psychology
Mishell Smith: Data Collection Intern, Major: Psychology and Gender and Women's Studies
Pa Chia Xiong: Data Collection Intern, Major: Languages and Cultures of Asia