R25 TEAM-Science Program

Predoctoral Programs:

Training, Education, And Mentoring in Science (TEAM-Science)
A NIH/NIGMS Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD)
formerly known as
Training and Education to Advance Minority Scholars in Science

PI: Molly Carnes, MD, MS
Co-I: Angela Byars-Winston, PhD, Ian Bird, PhD and Douglass Henderson, PhD
Curriculum Director: Gail Coover, PhD
Program Coordinator: Sharon Topp

The TEAM-Science Program has been established to increase the number of under-represented racial/ethnic minority (URM) students and students with disabilities (SWD) who enter into and successfully complete Ph.D. programs in biomedical and behavioral sciences.

The overall goal of the TEAM-Science Program is to develop a diverse biomedical and behavioral research workforce. In addition to increasing the numbers of URM and SWD students awarded doctorates in biomedical or behavioral disciplines, we intend the TEAM-Science program to result in enduring changes in the approach to recruitment, retention, and academic career development of graduate students at UW.

Through the success of the TEAM-Science and collaborating programs, the long-term outcome will be an increase in the diversity of ethnic/racial and disabled leaders throughout academic medicine, science, and engineering.

For more information, contact: Sharon Topp the Program Coordinator at sharon.topp@wisc.edu

R25 TEAM-Science Group, 2010