CWHR Research Studies


NIH/NIGMS R01- Byars-Winston (PI) Pfund (co-I)
Title: What Matters in Mentoring? Testing and Measuring a Mentor Training Intervention
The goal of this study is to develop metrics in order to empirically identify specific factors in mentoring relationships that account for positive student outcomes. Click here for more information.

Past NIH-Funded Research

NIH/NIGMS DP4 – Carnes (PI)
Title: ARRA Virtual Games for STEMM Faculty to Break the Bias Habit
The goal of this work is to create an interactive tool for faculty to experience the impact of implicit bias and engage in evidence-based strategies to reduce the consequences of implicit bias in academic settings.

“In Fair Play, players assume the role of Jamal, a young African American graduate student, on his journey to become a renowned professor. To succeed in the game, players must maintain a diverse academic social network while running a research lab. Over the course of the game, players will interact with a diversity of people from academia who can assist Jamal with the ultimate goal of becoming a renowned professor.

Fair Play is a game designed at the Morgridge Institute for Research funded by a grant from NIH to reduce implicit biases (i.e. unconscious assumptions that arise from group stereotypes) against underrepresented individuals in academic science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM). The game is intended to be played by faculty in these fields on a web platform. By experiencing bias as Jamal, we hope our players will gain tacit knowledge (Gee, 2003), which when combined with various bias reduction strategies demonstrated in the game, will lead our players to incorporate their improved awareness and new skills into their daily lives. ”

NIH/NIGMS R01 – Carnes (PI)

Title: Advancement of Women in STEMM: A Multi-level Research and Action Project
The goal of this study investigates several mechanisms to promote gender equity in academic science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.

Center Supported Research

Mini-residency on Women’s Health Care for VHA Primary Care Providers
Examination of Words and Descriptors in NIH Grant Reviews
Reducing the Prejudice Habit through Bias Literacy
Qualitative Studies of Careers in Academic Medicine
Qualitative Study of Leadership in Academic Medicine
Course Evaluation: Women and Leadership in Medicine, Science, and Engineering